Finding products you LOVE without spending a ton of money is sometimes hard. Here are just a few of my favorite recommendations & resources. These are items that I use constantly or have used and loved in the past. Some of these I earn points for that go toward one of my future purchases and others I earn a very small referral fee for – but know that I LOVE THEM or I wouldn’t recommend them. =)

Workout Clothes
Asics (shoes) (MUST BE a Fitness Pro to use this link!)

Health & Wellness Band
Helo LX

The Helo LX is the first wearable technology that is light and slim in design and that can monitor all of the following, with new features on schedule to be added within the next year: blood pressure, sleep quality, heart rate, fatigue/energy level, steps/distance, calories, breath rate and EKG/ECG. It also has mineral and magnetic therapy, an SOS function and a Guardian/threshhold function. The following monitoring features will be added in the 4th quarter of 2017: non-invasive blood glucose, blood oxygen and blood alcohol levels, as well as mosquito repellant. How exciting is all of that?!

Helo LX

At-Home Workouts
21 Day Fix
Focus T25 (25 minute workouts!)

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