I would like to say a huge thank you for what you have taught me since I started coming to your classes.  Prior to coming to iEncourage Fitness, I would say I have always lived a pretty fit and active lifestyle with nutrition always on my mind.  You have taught me so much about nutrition and how to live with a family on a well-balanced diet plan and know it can be done.  It’s a lifestyle change and you have made this so easy for me to understand.  I have also fallen in love with PiYo and Turbo Kick classes.  The changes I have seen in my body from eating right and doing your classes along with running has done wonders for my confidence and appearance.  Thank you for all of your support and encouragement!  ~Carie H.

Let me just say that Shari has changed my life for the better!! iEncourage Fitness is a great place for anyone wanting to start and keep their new healthy lifestyles along side some wonderful inspiration like Shari Littleton.  ~Lindsey B.

I started going to iEncourage Fitness in March 2013. I had just given birth to my son in October and had already lost most of my baby weight, but I wanted to tone up and continue to lose weight the healthy way. I didn’t exactly know where to start. With two small children at home, a full-time job and a husband that works off I had no idea how I was going to fit exercise into my schedule. I was on Facebook one day and ran across iEncourage Fitness’ page. After reading her information, I thought “this is perfect!”. Sure I could have joined a local gym but there is no discipline there, no one to hold ME accountable. The best part about Shari and iEncourage Fitness is she has lunch time, afternoon and Saturday classes! I loved the idea of being able to go workout during my lunch break and be done! I still have time to spend with my family when I get home. I’ve grown to love the PiYo and Turbo Kick classes that Shari offers. I’ve met some great people and we have grown to support each other! Shari has taught me how to eat healthy, encouragement that I can do this and self-confidence. I have more energy now than I have had in years and I feel great! My strength and balance have improved greatly! The classes are only 30 minutes, but it is 30 minutes of fun, sweat and fitness! Since I started classes at iEncourage Fitness, I’ve lost over 25 lbs and I’ve done it the RIGHT way! Thank you Shari! ~Beth L.

I saw an ad for iEncourage Fitness in Bayou Life magazine.  It sounded very interesting.  I have 21 years experience in the fitness world, but I was looking for something different  I talked some friends into joining me and we’re all glad we went.  The classes are a different format than other classes we’ve taken, and we really enjoy them.  Shari was very encouraging from the moment we walked in.  She motivates all levels, beginner all the way to experienced.  She really got me excited about fitness again.  We’re very blessed to have Shari in our community!  ~Michelle G.

Shari is awesome! A very encouraging place to workout!  ~Jennifer B.

Change came from doing the Turbo workout at iEncourage. Shari is amazing!! Loved it!!  ~Shantray W.

Love the RIPPED class!  ~Mary N.

Love it!  ~Brandy G.

This place is so welcoming and I enjoy mixing up my workouts everyday. Thanks Shari for such an awesome place! ~Amanda F.

Loving my time here. Shari is so encouraging and I love the small group feel. Slowly getting to know the regulars and they make it even better. ~Victoria B.

I had SO much fun tonight at the hip hop class! I will be back for sure for the hip hop classes and will try to make the other ones when I’m not at work! It was so much fun. The ladies that work there are so sweet and encouraging. ~Megan D.

I came to iEncourage 2 years ago because I had quit smoking a year earlier and had gained about 25 to 30 lbs. I had tried other workouts, but either there never seemed to be a class time that worked with my schedule or it was out of my way and I really wasn’t comfortable in it. I had known Shari for about a year or so before I started going to iEncourage and she was just always a hoot to be around, always laughing and smiling. So when I heard she was opening a fitness studio I just had to check it out. I am so glad I did because it has been the best workouts that I have ever done. Not only have I gotten in better shape and started eating better due to her advice, I have met some of the sweetest and best women you will ever meet while attending her classes. Everyone at iEncourage has been wonderful and encouraging and a blast to be around. We cut up and have a good time, but Shari gets the job done and works our tails over. But that is why we go to her. She is a fitness beast and we all love her to death! Thanks for helping me with my fat back and ham issues. Love ya. =) ~Brandi B.

I came to iEncourage Fitness with pain from rheumatoid arthritis and close to 200 pounds. Shari was so supportive and encouraging. She responds to email questions and truly cares about me as a person. My results have been incredible. I can do almost all the routines, even though doctors and physical therapists had previously told me not to do things as simple as bending over…too much for my body. I am down to 165 and in a size 14. I feel much better physically and I get great stress relief from the exercise. Everyone who comes to classes is friendly and welcoming. My husband sees a difference in both my physical and emotional condition. I only wish my sister lived nearby to get this opportunity. ~Debbie H.

Being a part of iEncourage Fitness is one of the best things I have done for myself. It is much more than the classes I have attended for over 2 years. I have improved my balance immensely and have pushed myself to the next level of fitness. All with Shari’s encouragement. She has taught me so much about nutrition. And I have made many new friendships and have enjoyed every minute I have spent in her studio. ~Mary C.

Since taking classes at iEncourage Fitness, I have gotten much stronger, not only physically, but also within myself, knowing that I can do it. Some of the things that I am doing now in class, I never thought that I would be able to do. Shari is always so encouraging and the other members of the class are also. I have also gained many friendships. ~Maribeth S.

Had an awesome observation today!!! After two years, I can officially say when I look down I can NOT SEE MY BELLY PAST MY BOOBS! (She’s only been working out with Shari for a month and a half.) ~Candace E.

Thanks for making a place where newcomers could feel welcome. I’ll be moving to Houston next week, but wanted to thank you for your friendship and fun. ~Cheryl D.

I had a blast!!! I was scared at 1st and tried to talk myself out of going, but I went. It was great, I felt like I did great and it was my 1st time & keep up with everything!! Will go back! ~Tiffany G.

I have loved this place since my first class! Never a disappointment. Feel like I have made new friends in my journey to better health.
Fun Fun!!!! ~Katlyn W.

I am not a gym person at all and I definitely am not a workout class person. From day one I felt accepted. I enjoy going and I never feel judged for being a little more out of shape than the other people. I absolutely love it and I recommend it to anyone who wants to get back in shape! ~Casey H.

I love going here! I love having something to look forward to in the middle of the day. It helps clear my head from a busy day at work. The 30 minutes just fly by! I always have fun and never feel judged! ~Shelby H.

Small group fitness classes, it doesn’t get any better than this place! Such a great environment where you will feel comfortable and you’ll meet lots of friendly faces! ~Ramona I.

I have done 3 days of classes this week and I love it. They give you the encouragement and motivation to keep on when you want to quit! Seriously love these classes and can’t wait to do more next week!! ~Sarah C.

From my very first class, I loved this gym! I have felt very welcomed by everyone and now I’m trying new classes. It’s a great feeling when your instructor knows you and is very open to helping you reach your health and fitness goals. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to work on me! ~Kimberly O.