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Goal Setting

Goal setting

Let’s talk about goal setting! Do you REALLY know what it means…. what it entails?

I’ll be honest – up until 2, may 2 1/2 years ago, I thought I knew what “goal setting” meant and it was kinda like my idea of “budgeting”. What I mean by that is this: to me it just meant making a list of things I wanted to get done, but it was more like daily, weekly and monthly tasks. You know….. a “to-do” list of sorts. In the time since then, I’ve read some pretty awesome personal development books (I used to be a fiction only reader. What the heck is personal development about anyway, right?!), taken some online courses (AH-MAZING courses, btw) and attended some live events that will knock your socks off. Ooooooh the things I’ve learned! Goal setting is DEFINITELY way more than a “to-do” list, however, a daily “to-do” list plays a big part in goal setting. Your daily “to-do” list should include small, baby steps – actionable items that you can do that don’t take much time, but can make all the difference in the world to what you’re trying to achieve. I’ve found that setting goals broken down in the following form work best for me to make sure that I’m taking the needed steps to get to my big goals and that I don’t get overwhelmed trying to make it all happen at once.

    Shari’s Goal Setting Steps:

1) I start with setting quarterly goals (90 days). What do I want to make sure that I accomplish in 90 days?
2) I then break that down into monthly items that need to get done (you should have 3 – 1 for each month) that will help me reach my 90 day goal
3) I then take each of those 3 months and break them down into weekly items. For example, the month of October has 5 Saturdays in it so I’ll break down my October goal into 5 weekly goals.

So let’s say my 90 day goal is to get more followers over on the iEncourage Fitness Facebook page. My 3 monthly goals to help me get there might be something like this: 1) set up new blog page on website 2) Write weekly blog entry 3) Offer free opt-ins.

Then I would break each of those 3 months down into weekly goals. Those might look something like this when I break down my month 2 goal of writing weekly blog entries: week 1) find my most popular post on FB on make a blog post regarding that same subject week 2) find new content on Google and/or Youtube that I can put my “spin” on and make a blog post about that subject week 3) find pins on Pinterest that can give me new blog post ideas week 4) find images to use on all my new posts!

So see…. it’s really not as overwhelming or as hard as we think it is. Goal setting is about DREAMING BIG and taking small steps to move you forward toward that big dream. It’s a lot easier to do than I thought it was and I’ll bet you’ll feel the same way once you try it yourself.



Hey! Have you heard about the new app called Periscope? You should check it out! It’s live streaming video where you get to interact with the person that you’re watching. They can answer your questions or chat with you while they’re talking. It’s really cool!

If you’d like to check out what I chit-chat about, you can follow me at @encouragefitnss. I cook, whip up quick recipes, talk about challenges and plenty of random things and answer questions at the same time. =D

Iron sharpens iron

Iron sharpens iron

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. ~Proverbs 27:17

Wondering why I’m posting this verse of scripture? Well, it’s because it got me thinking about how far I’ve come in my life and attitude over the past two years and what kind of people have had a hand in me getting here. There are 3 things that I suggest doing in order to move in a more positive direction in your life and I’ve listed each of them below:

1) Surround yourself with positive people. They should be:
– like-minded
– goal oriented
– “pushers” (not just your personal cheerleaders)
– people you can brainstorm with; who get you and your dreams

Also, find mentors – both business and personal.

2) Invest in yourself!
– read personal development books; attend seminars & conferences
– exercise
– stop filling your head with trash tv & video games
– pray!

3) Be a “figure outer”
– you never fail at things; you learn what doesn’t work and you try again
– things CAN and DO get discouraging at times – keep going! Don’t give up!
– Google is your friend

I encourage you to take little baby steps in these areas and you’ll begin to see a difference that you just can’t imagine. =)

Tips for Perfect Packing

Need help to make sure you aren’t forgetting any important items when you pack for your next trip? I’ve got FREE tips for perfect packing just for you! You can get your free guide and checklist at Tips for Perfect Packing right NOW!

Leave me a comment below and let me know when you’ll be using your checklist AND if there’s anything you’d like to see added to the list. =D

Top 5 Travel Tips for Perfect Packing

Be thankful

photo credit: Proverbs 31 Ministries

photo credit: Proverbs 31 Ministry

You can visit Proverbs 31 Ministry here

Do you ever find yourself asking “why” when something happens? I know I do. Then I remind myself, it isn’t for me to know why, but to be thankful for the situation no matter how difficult it is. God has a greater plan for each of us. Sometimes we get to see “why” things happen the way they do and sometimes we don’t. I can say from personal experience I wouldn’t be where I am in my faith and in my relationship with Christ if it hadn’t been for some of those “why” situations. His plan brought me closer to Him…He let things happen the way they did in order to get my attention and you know what….I’m VERY thankful for that. I’m still a work in progress for sure and that’s as it should be.

What are you thankful for that maybe you weren’t at first?

Cat pee and clothes

Cat pee

Interesting topic for a health and fitness blog, right? Well, I had a little experience with cat pee and clothes yesterday and I just thought I would share what I learned.

Let me fill you in on some quick details. My husband and I are the proud parents of four dogs and an orange tabby cat who sometimes thinks he’s a dog. He was raised with 2 of our 4 dogs so I guess that’s to be expected. Most days, Griffin (that’s the cats name, by the way) is an indoor/outdoor cat (yes, he HAS been neutered for those of you who may be wondering). A couple of days ago Griffin apparently had a mishap with either another male cat in the neighborhood, a squirrel that he had stalked or the prongs on top of one of my neighbor’s fences. I say this because he has a raw, angry spot on one of his hindquarters. I took him to the vet to get it checked yesterday and we left there with an antibiotic shot and his hair trimmed around said spot. The vet told me to let Griffin clean the spot as he needed to and to keep him restricted in the house for at least a day or so. (I learned here that cats don’t “over lick” wounds like dogs do. They clean it and leave it alone. I had no idea!) So back to the house restriction… mind you, Griffin was already peed at me for trying to cram him into his pet taxi for the trip to the vet (6 attempts to get him in there!); then peed at me about the vet visit and the shot he had to get; then we get home and he’s NOT allowed to go outside AND the housekeeper shows up to vacuum, mop and make all those noises that freak him out!

After all this, last night I go into the bedroom to check my husband’s laundry basket to see if there’s anything that needs to be washed before he comes home. Good thing I checked!!! Yes, you KNOW what I found from the subject line of this blog…. Griffin had taken it upon himself to crawl into Brandon’s laundry basket and pee on his linen shirt and t-shirt that were in there. I’m guessing he did this for at least two reasons: 1) he was still peed at me for all of the reasons listed above 2) his litter box is at the front of the house – where our housekeeper was working. Oh boy!

Now, I don’t know how much experience you’ve had with cat pee, especially male cat pee, but let me tell you…. it’s odoriferous! I know that once cat pee is dry, it’s practically impossible to get the smell out of whatever it’s on. My saving grace in this case was that I found it while it was still damp. Off to the washing machine I went. I threw the clothes in; went to the kitchen and all I could think of (because I didn’t Google first, of course) was white vinegar and baking soda. I mixed together 1/2 cup of white vinegar and 3 1/2 tablespoons of baking soda (BE PREPARED FOR THE FIZZ if you do this – I wasn’t!) and then I poured this mixture into the washing machine. I set it for “stain wash” which is a 2 hour and 43 minute cycle on HOT and I went to bed.

This morning I removed the clothes from the washer and there’s NO SMELL of cat pee on them…. thank you, Lord!!! (One of the 2 shirts is Brandon’s favorite gray linen button-up) Now, I pray that I didn’t shrink Brandon’s shirt with the hot water. I’ll find out within the next week whether I did or not.

Hope you enjoyed my little learning lesson for today! =D

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