Month: March 2015

Video Recipe for Making Protein Lava Mug Cake

Check out this short video recipe for making protein lava mug cake for a snack or dessert.  This is a super easy, “clean eating” recipe and it takes less than 5 minutes for the whole process.

I used peanut butter protein in this particular video, however, I have also made it with chocolate and I loved it, as well. You can find a photo of one of the chocolate lava mug cakes that I’ve made shown below the video on this page.

(Please excuse the snoring dog you can hear! LOL)


Chocolate protein lava mug cake

Chocolate protein lava mug cake

The Health Halo Effect

Have you heard of it?  I’ll bet you’ve seen it.

I was recently reading an article in IDEA Fitness Journal and found this information interesting.  Why?  Well, because I’ve seen how this works first-hand.

IDEA writes “Research tells us that people think foods with front-of-package health claims (such as “rich in  omega-3”, “supports immunity”, “low-fat”, etc) have fewer calories and are better for their health.  This phenomenon is known as the “health halo effect”.”

Marion Nestle, PhD, MPH and author of Food Politics says “health claims sell food products. People like buying products with a “health aura”, no matter how poorly the health claim is supported by science.  Science is irrelevant here. Marketing is what’s relevent.”  She is TOTALLY on-point.  Food manufacturers will tell you ANYTHING to get you to buy their products and in order for them to make more money.

Dr. Yoni Freedhoff says “if the front of a package needs to convince you of the healthfulness of its contents, there’s a darn good chance its contents aren’t healthful.”

“In the United States, every third adult is obese, as is almost every fifth youth.  So the rise in health claim labels on food packages has NOT correlated with a healthier population.” This should speak VOLUMES to each of us. Rather than trust food manufacturers to look out for out health, let’s take our health into our own hands.  Let’s READ LABELS and find out what’s REALLY in those products.  Better yet, let’s try to get away from eating things that come in packages.  Let’s eat fresh fruits and veggies and make our own snacks and meals so that we know exactly what’s going into everything we put in our body.  =)

Are you someone who buys products based on how the front of the package is labeled?

Nutrition Apps that can help you stay on track

I LOVE a great app that can help me stay on track whether it’s for nutrition purposes, workouts or my SUPER IMPORTANT daily to-do list.  Here are a couple of really good nutrition apps that can help you stay on track or get on track:

Fooducate: It’s like having your own personal registered dietician accompanying you in the grocery store.  Scan the item you’re considering purchasing and Fooducate will give it a grade and suggestions for better alternatives!  It’s great for people with food allergies, as well.  This app was built by a registered dietician.

HealthyOut: Put your nutrition restrictions or health goals into this app and it will help you find restaurants in your area that meet your dietary requirements.

Be sure to check ’em out!

Fooducate App

Fooducate App

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